Comments and Accolades

Comments & Accolades

A Compliment from Jeff Malone – July 2007


Let me begin by complimenting you on Briscoe Manor. Courtney and I were very pleased with everything it has to offer for our wedding. The chapel was ideal (because I wanted to get married in a church), and the reception hall is perfect. The rustic Texas look fits our personalities =)

Now let me proceed to compliment you on your ability to make us feel very comfortable with your ability to execute our wedding. We made stops at practically every venue today: The Corinthian, Chateau Polonez, The Parador, Rockefeller Hall, Ashton Gardens and Briscoe Manor.

You explained everything in depth, gave us a complete picture of cost, what else we needed to do, and overall sold me! Consider this a verbal gaurantee that we would like to book our wedding at Briscoe Manor.

Thanks for coming in on your day off to show us the facility. Your time was appreciated and we look forward to working with you.

Everyone we have showed the pictures and website thinks Briscoe Manor is fabulous! Congratulations on designing such an impressive facility.

Jeff Malone, future Briscoe Groom