Comments and Accolades

Comments & Accolades

Cervantes Reception – Event Date: August 31, 2013


There just aren’t the right words to describe how grateful we are for the work you all did for this wedding.  Everything about it was perfect!  I wish there was a rewind button so we could do it again, because it went way too fast.

Natalie, you were awesome.  I never once thought about what needed to be done because you were right there taking care of it.  We felt like celebrities.  You went above and beyond, seeing to every need, and you did it in the most unobtrusive way.  You even did things without saying anything (like finding a better and more beautiful way to hang that sign in front of Alexa and Rob’s seats at the head table).  I expected to set things up when we arrived at Briscoe and was surprised to see that you had put everything out exactly like we wanted.  It looked fabulous.  And then you gladly placed all the extra greenery we brought from the church without a complaint. Alexa and Rob felt so well taken care of and loved that you would suddenly appear asking if they needed anything else!

Rachel, the food and service was fantastic.  Your crew never complained or questioned when we asked that some place settings be moved around and gladly brought chairs when we needed to move someone.  They didn’t complain when we showed up with some extra flower arrangements and wanted them placed by the buffet table.  We were impressed that they asked for ID’s at the bar, not allowing anyone under 21 to order a drink.  The servers took care of their jobs and never got in anyone’s way.  The brownie bar was a huge hit and something no one had seen before.

Our guests have been gushing about the beautiful venue, how smooth things ran, the delicious food, how wonderful the staff was….the compliments haven’t stopped!

Thank you to all of you for making this day such a wonderful event.  I can’t believe that there could be a better place out there for a wedding than Briscoe.  You have worked hard to gain your reputation and it is well earned.  I will be singing your praises to everyone.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

We have two more daughters so be ready to see us again!

Katherine and David Cervantes