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Our Team

Jorden Mahler Briscoe Manor

Jorden Mahler


Birthday: June 4th

Favorite Hobby: Hunting, BBQ, snow skiing

Secret Indulgent Snack: Peanut M&M’s

Guilty Pleasure: Vic and Anthony’s steakhouse…ribeye, medium rare!

Would you eat a bowl of crickets for $50,000: Give me a fork!

If you could pick one famous person to have dinner with, who would it be: My mom of course…it has been the same answer to the same type of question for as long as I can remember. We lost her to cancer when she was only 31yrs old. My sister was 9 and I was 4 at the time, our dad was Awesome at raising the 2 of us! So…dinner with her would be the best dinner date ever!

Introvert or extrovert: Introvert

Favorite Type of Music: Country and 80’s!

What makes you the happiest: Wife and Kids….and work!

Why you love Briscoe Manor: I love that we’ve created a place where not only our Brides and Grooms believe in what we are doing here, but I also think our employees really enjoy what they do here, we try to keep it simple! Every weekend is different…always and that’s what keeps us going! It is weekend work constantly, but at the same time, very rewarding. When we have families that come back to for either other weddings for their family or personal parties, that confirms that we’re doing things right here.

Stephanie Mahler

Stephanie Mahler

Sales Team Leader + Senior Wedding / Event Coordinator

Birthday: January 27

Favorite Hobby: Going out to eat, shopping and spending time with family

Secret Indulgent Snack: Julio's HOT salsa and chips.  Always keep a tub of it in the fridge.

Guilty Pleasure: I don't watch T.V. much but when I do...The Bachelor and General Hospital are the favorites.  Drama, drama, drama.

Would you eat a bowl of crickets for $50,000: No. Nope. No way.

If you could pick one famous person to have dinner with, who would it be: My mother-in-law.  She passed when my husband was 4 years old.

Introvert or extrovert: Extrovert when in my comfort zone but introvert most of the time. 

Favorite Type of Music:  I really love ALL types.  If you could only see my playlist you would understand.  If I had to pick one - Texas Country/Country.

What makes you the happiest: My husband, Jorden and twin littles, Ella and Easton.  Life with twins is NEVER boring. 

Why you love Briscoe Manor: My first attraction was the heart of the business - the men who created this great place - Jorden and his father Bill. After 4 years of being a coordinator for Briscoe Manor, true love happened.  I take pride in our service and love being a part of a team that I consider family.

Jamie Eggleton

Jamie Eggleton

Senior Wedding / Event Coordinator

Birthday: September 13, 1989

Favorite Hobby: SLEEP!

NOT-SO-Secret Indulgent Snack: Jalapeno and garlic stuffed olives. I eat them a lot every day. Also, I’d die without my Greek dressing. I have it shipped from my hometown in Pennsylvania.

Guilty Pleasure: Anything my alter-ego, Gladys (the grandma version of me), would enjoy. Cracker Barrel’s chicken n dumplings, grits, and any type of soup are at the top of her list. Clearly, EATING is another hobby.

Would you eat a bowl of crickets for $50,000: Chicklets? Totally. But only if they are the mini kind.

If you could pick one famous person to have dinner with, who would it be: My maternal grandmother, Helen Mae. She passed shortly before I was born. I’ve been told I am “just like her.”

Introvert or extrovert: Either an outgoing introvert or a shy extrovert. Weird.

Favorite Type of Music: Family weekends are spent in the pool with tunes and grub. As long as we have the grub, I listen to it all.

What makes you the happiest: When the printer in the office works. No, really. Spending QT with my favorites is the best, too.

Why you love Briscoe Manor: The people. It takes a village to pull off what we do and we have one heck of a village.

Ashley Ajamiseba

Ashley Ducote

Wedding / Event Coordinator

Birthday: March 13th

Favorite Hobby: Reading! I will get obsessed with a particular author and gobble up everything I can from him/her then move on to the next. I also have a list of American classics that I somehow have neglected to read thus far, so I’ll work my way through those titles as I can.

Secret Indulgent Snack: chocolate iced donut (with sprinkles, duh.)

Guilty Pleasure: Netflix binges. I KNOW I should be sleeping, but the next episode plays automatically and oops! it’s 2 a.m.

Would you eat a bowl of crickets for $50,000: Absolutely.

If you could pick one famous person to have dinner with, who would it be: Comedian John Mulaney. I love to laugh and find him hysterical!

Introvert or extrovert: Extrovert, everyone is just a friend waiting to be made!

Favorite Type of Music: Alternative/Alt. Country/Singer-Songwriter

What makes you the happiest: Being with the people I love. A close second would be getting paid 50k to just to eat a bowl of crickets

Why you love Briscoe Manor: Initially, it was the expansive, private, manicured grounds, but as anyone who spends time here will discover, the amazing team of people behind Briscoe is what makes this place so great. Every single person here is committed to excellence and genuinely invested in giving every person their best event possible.

Frances Gross

Frances Gross

Director of Accounting

In February 2007, Briscoe Manor was in desperate need of a bookkeeper and administrative assistance to keep up with their busy books and behind the scenes cadence. Jen & Jorden hired their first employee and gift from Hurricane Katrina – Fran!

Before returning to Houston after Hurricane Katrina, Frances spent 14 years as a bookkeeper for the Orleans Parish School System plus, 17 years in the insurance industry (mostly in claims). She was born in Houston but raised in New Orleans. She thrives on spending time with her family, volunteering at church and playing bridge. Her favorite job and role in life – being a Mom!

 Luis Magana

Luis Magana

Operations Assistant

A Rosenberg local, Luis Magana joined the Briscoe family in February 2009 and plays an instrumental role in preparing the buildings for events throughout the year. With an extensive maintenance background, most recently spent at the local school district, Luis contributes a wide set of skills to Briscoe. Much of his time is spent maintaining the interior and exterior of Briscoe’s many buildings, keeping them in pristine condition, as well as assisting in event setup and preparations. Luis plays a vital role in ensuring all the events completed at Briscoe Manor are positive and memorable experiences for our clients. If you see Luis around the property, please greet him as he’s in the process of helping produce another successful wedding at Briscoe Manor.