Property Tour

Briscoe Manor offers guests the flexibility of designing their event using both indoor and outdoor venues. With diverse spaces such as the chapel, the outdoor courtyard and the grand ballroom plus exquisite lakeside grounds, a Texas sized porch and a private bar, Briscoe Manor offers many options when designing the event of your dreams. Over 15,000 square feet of covered space guarantees your special event won’t suffer on a rainy day.

Venues available for events at Briscoe Manor:


Property View (A)

briscoe-manor-front-entrance-00001 briscoe-manor-pasture 002-briscoe-manor-approach 004-briscoe-manor-sunset 005-briscoe-manor-at-night

Property View (B)

001-briscoe-manor-weddings-events 002-briscoe-manor-chapel 003-briscoe-manor-property-back-to-5801-FM-723 004-briscoe-manor-property-back-to-5801-FM-723

Bride’s Room (C)

bridal-suite-004 bridal-suite-003 bridal-suite-002 bridal-suite-001

Bridal Courtyard (D)

briscoe-manor-bridal-courtyard-001 briscoe-manor-bridal-courtyard-002 briscoe-manor-bridal-courtyard-003 004-briscoe-manor-bridal-courtyard

Briscoe Chapel (E)

– 300 Guests for Ceremony

briscoe-manor-chapel-front briscoe-manor-chapel-002 briscoe-manor-chapel-003


Amy’s Courtyard (F)

– Up to 400 Guests for Ceremony (Outdoor)
– Up to 200 Guests for Cocktail Reception (Outdoor)


Grand Foyer (G)

briscoe manor grand foyer

Crofton Ballroom (H)

– Up to 336 Guests for Seated Dinner
– Up to 338 Guests for Buffet Reception
– Up to 440 Guests for Cocktail Reception

briscoe-manor-ballroom ballroom-002 briscoe-manor-ballroom-2

Groom’s Lounge (I)


Ranger’s Bar (J)

– Custom Fireplace, Leather Seating
– Up to 50 Guests for Happy Hour

Balke’s Lakeside (K)

– Up to 350 Guests for Ceremony (Outdoor)
* Ask about tenting options to increase entertaining capacity

001 balkes lakeside briscoe-manor-lakeside-fire-pit-00005 003 balkes lakeside 004 balkes lakeside 005 balkes lakeside briscoe-manor-lakeside-wedding-ceremony