Comments and Accolades

Comments & Accolades

Elliott/Petru Event Wedding Date: July 9, 2010

Dear Jen,

Now that all the wedding festivities are behind me, I wanted to share my thoughts about Nancy & Travis’ wedding at Briscoe Manor.� To say the evening was beyond compare and amazing is no exaggeration.� For Nancy & Travis, the evening was perfect – from your special attention in the ceremony, to the appetizer plate they shared in the office, to your adivce to stay seated and eat, to the take-away food they enjoyed later that evening at the hotel – all was so unexpected, and yet, so Briscoe Manor.� Nancy researched wedding venues extensively, and found Briscoe Manor had everything she wanted.� One venue with both a fabulous “old Texas” limestone chapel and equally beautiful reception area.� And the outdoor vistas were perfect for memorable pictures!� But the perfect venue is only part of the picture – the personal attention from the Briscoe staff, and you in particular, completed our vision for a wonderful wedding.� I did not give one thought as to whether the vendors would arrive and set up on time, and in the way we imagined.� You took care of all those details�- and many details we did not realize we had to think about.� Our guests were impressed, and continue to call and email with compliments.

Jen, thank you for your part in making Nancy & Travis’ wedding so special.� It was you who told them to stop by the photo booth in that particular moment and now they have cute photos to enjoy in the years to come.� You reminded them to slow down, and enjoy the moment – they are grateful you did!� For my part, you kept us on time, told us where to go and when, and in such a gracious way – we felt like we were talking to an old family friend.� And the end of the evening…well, how wonderful to find all the gifts loaded into the car, the champagne flutes washed and re-wrapped, photos wrapped, food to enjoy later, and envelope with the cards Nancy & Travis received.� You even returned all the table numbers!� You took care of every detail!� Every couple (and their parents) should be so lucky to have their wedding at Briscoe Manor.� We remain forever thankful for the memories that will last a lifetime.

Meg & Quenton Elliott, Jr. – Parents of the Bride