Comments and Accolades

Comments & Accolades

Faller Wedding – Event Date: June 19, 2010

Hi Jen,

Because of you, our experience with Briscoe Manor was beautiful.� We had many comments from some of our guests about how hard you worked.� Because of you and your staff at Briscoe Manor, you all made this experience a smooth and memorable one for us.� You can’t imagine the comments from our friends and family about how beautiful the place was.� And all the work your staff put in setting up the tables to make them look so awesome.� Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

All in all Jen, our experience with Briscoe Manor was above and beyond our expectations.� I personally can tell you that for a year and a half, all the hard work and planning, down to all the little details with the fabric on the tables and the table markers, and ribbon on the napkins, etc…what we pulled off is exactly what I had hope to achieve.� We wanted a party…a party where everyone was dancing and laughing and having a great time.� I think that with your help we achieved that goal.� Our guests were completely WOWED by Briscoe Manor.� Such a beautiful place you have, the food was excellent, etc.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you Jen.� You are our hero, keep up the good work!

Sheri and Randy Faller, Parents of the Bride

PS I am secretly wishing I had another daughter, we’d love to do it all over again!