Comments and Accolades

Comments & Accolades

Jones/Hooper Wedding – Event Date: October 2, 2010

Hi Stephanie!

I forgot to thank you for the t-shirts….Huge help on Sunday when I woke up and realized my options of clothing to wear home consisted of my wedding dress or the sweatpants I wore up to Briscoe on Saturday with no top!  I packed really well.  So thank you!!

I can’t wait to see our wedding pictures.  Some friends have posted stuff on Facebook and it is SO fun for us to look through them and remember little details of the night.

We sifted throught the wedding bins last night and you guys did an awesome job packing everything up at the end of the night!  We are not missing a thing!  It’s so strange now that everything is over.  I miss the wedding life – ha!  I remember I kept saying I was so done with planning and now I just want to keep on planning.  Weddings are such a happy time.  🙂

Thanks again.  Have a great day!
Janelle Hooper, Briscoe Bride