Comments and Accolades

Comments & Accolades

Lange/Gullo Wedding – March 27, 2015

Love the “selfie” you posted with Taylor and Grant and all your kind words.

I can not tell you enough how pleased we are with how everything was EXACTLY as well had envisioned, you and Ashley did a tremendous job! All of Taylor’s set-ups were spot on! We all enjoyed a stress free night!

We are receiving comments on how beautiful the entire venue is and how they loved all the wedding d�cor. That everything was so
amazing and truly represented Taylor and Grant! People are also stating how delicious the food was and HOW organized, thorough and friendly you and Ashley were, that the evening just flowed. Everyone just loved y’all!

All of our other vendors delivered above and beyond what we wanted as well. The music was amazing, flowers were absolutely gorgeous, cakes were so beautiful, as well as delicious and the DJ keep the young crowd involved.

Still so unbelievable on how special this day was for all of us!!!!

Can you believe the smiles on their faces all night long!!!! And your comment about how Grant looks at her is so true. He treats her like a princess.

Thanks again!
Cindy (Momma Lange)