Comments and Accolades

Comments & Accolades

McBurnett Wedding – Event Date: April 21, 2007

Jen, Mysti and Rachel,

I just need to let you know how much I appreciate all you did to execute what one of our friends dubbed “the party of the decade.” The term fairy tale wedding keeps coming to mind, but the experience was all too real. As I have related to many of my friends, I had very high expectations for many aspects of the wedding, the bride, and the reception in particular. With regard to the bride, I have long known how beautiful she is and I had seen her in her dress and I had seen her bridal portraits, but none of that prepared me for the radient beauty that she was last Saturday. In similar fashion, she and her mother had painted quite an image of the reception. I had visited the place on two occasions and had met all of you and had seen your commitment to excellence. None of these prepared me for the actual event. It exceeded my terribly high expectations in all regards. One of my out of town friends was unable to attend e-mailed this week and inquired about how things went. My response was “Perfectly planned; flawlessly executed.” While I give the lion’s share of the planning credit to my wife, each of you played a major part in the planning phases. With regard to the execution, well the redit is all yours. Your service and attention to detail were amazing. Mysti, thanks for all you did. You were a calming influence for Jaclyn, not that she particularly needed one, but it was comforting for her to know that you were never far away. I observed as I was climbing into my truck to leave that Mysti did such a great job that maybe Briscoe didn’t need Jen after all. Mysti and the gentleman seeing me off were very quick to dismiss that notion – and they were correct, of course. You have a great place and have commitment to excellence that makes it extraordinary. As a matter of fact, I spent a good deal of the evening answering the question, “How did you find this place?” and replying of effusive praise of your facility. You should all be very proud. Oh yeah, great job on the weather. It couldn’t have been any better.


Robert McBurnett, Father of the Bride