Comments and Accolades

Comments & Accolades

McCurdy Wedding – Event Date: September 19, 2015

Hi Jamie,

We miss you already! You were a key player in our wedding and it would not have been the same without. We are not just saying that to be nice. As you know, Nate and I both do events for a living so we regularly work with all kinds of event staff and you were out of this world. We trusted you 100% and knew that you had all the details and our back throughout the whole process. I honestly would not have enjoyed our wedding as much as I did had you not been a part of it. Also, in case we didn’t tell you, you were a big part of why we booked at Briscoe in the first place. We toured a bunch of venues and were unimpressed by the staff at other venues. We knew when we met you

I will complete reviews on the Knot and Wedding Wire. Anything else we can do to tell Briscoe how much we love you and how great you are! They should know that they have a gem on their hands and we would be thrilled to do anything that helps them know that and/or recognize you accordingly (I am sure they are quite aware but just in case).

The wedding truly was everything we wanted and more. We are still basking in it. This is not the end of us all :). Nate and I were chatting on the honeymoon about how cool you are and how we would love to hangout (without any wedding talk whatsoever ;). Please stay in touch. We would love to meet you up for dinner or drinks sometime.



Beth & Nathan Brittain, Briscoe Couple