Comments and Accolades

Comments & Accolades

Ross/Carnes Wedding – Event Date: June 23, 2012

From the moment we drove into Briscoe Manor, we were enchanted by its beauty and Texas atmosphere.  We didn’t realize that the best was yet to come!

The first person we met was Stephanie Mahler.  She was 1st class from the first visit to the last good bye after the wedding!  She is above all professional and kind.  She was so organized that I (Mother of Bride) never got worried or nervous.  Stephanie knew all our names and always answered our questions with the utmost respect to both my daughter and myself.

My husband, father of the bride, is still raving about the place and how everything was perfect.  The rehearsal was the 1st time he had been to Briscoe and met Stephanie!  He is boasting about Stephanie and how fun and calm she was throughout our wonderful wedding and rehearsal.

Laura, the bride, loved Stephanie and her sense of humor.  Laura wanted a few things in the time-line differently and Stephanie was so great in support of her ideas!  WOW! We were sooooooooo fortunate to have Stephanie as our coordinator. 

The Briscoe staff was very helpful and kind and it was so helpful for them to get the Grandparents, bride and groom and us food and drink! 

I guess I could go on and on …….

 Our experience was “Over the Top” with Briscoe Manor.  To us Briscoe Manor was Stephanie Mahler!  You are very fortunate to have her as an employee.  Thanks to all who made our Daughter’s wedding PERFECT!!!

Kay Ross, Mother of the Bride