Comments and Accolades

Comments & Accolades

Schlemmer/Stevenson Event – September 5, 2015


Your email just made me cry!! THE WEDDING WAS ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING!!! As I told you from the beginning, all of my friends and everyone I have known my whole life have all gotten married in Waco and done the same ole church ceremony and country club reception thing over and over again and I wanted something DIFFERENT that everyone would talk about for years to come. And boy did I ever get exactly THAT! I have had SO many people say that it was the most beautiful and most fun wedding that they have ever been to. I honestly could have not asked for a more perfect evening. I would give anything to be able to do it all over again. And honestly, none of it could have ever happened without you!! Without a doubt I will be leaving rave reviews on both The Knot and Wedding Wire not only about Briscoe Manor but about you as well. I just can’t thank you enough for everything that you did. You are so incredibly good at what you do and I can only hope to be as good and as passionate about my job one day as you are for yours. You RAN that place and made everything go so smoothly and I don’t know what I would have ever done without you!!

And as for Kenny….my Lord he brought down the house. Everyone keeps asking me: “who was that DJ and where did you find him?!”. He was so perfect. The food, the decor, the logo, the ceremony, the departure, the cake, the dancing…. it. was. all. so. prefect!!!

And the feeling is mutual with my grandmothers about you. They LOVED you and said you helped them out so much and made them feel so special and that means so much to me because my Nonnie and Memaw are everything to me. Oh and about what Kory said….I balled my eyes out when reading those words that he said to you because it is 100% true. I truly hope we will stay in touch even though the wedding has come and gone. You (and Briscoe Manor) will forever hold a special place in not only mine and Will’s hearts, but in my family’s hearts as well. You helped my dream wedding come to life!!!!! We love you so much, Jamie!!!

Oh and Magen has posted a few of the pictures and I DID FREAK! I cant wait to see the rest when she is done and can’t wait to show you as well. She is such an amazingly talented photographer and an even sweeter person just like you said!

Thanks again, Jamie. You are truly AMAZING!

Much love,