Comments and Accolades

Comments & Accolades

Smith/Yandre Wedding – Event Date: April 29, 2012

Lesli –

I just wanted to stop and shooot you this note about how great everything turned out.� The wedding went smoothly and everything afterwards.� All of us say ‘thank you, thank you!’ You did a tremendous job.

We did not hear a negative word from any of our guests.� Everyone was so impressed with Briscoe Manor, the service, food and the property.� We had more raves about the food than you can believe.� Comments ran from ‘great food’ to the ultimate compliment (we heard several times) ‘I have been to a lot of weddings, but this is by far the best good we have ever been served.’� Everyone commented on how large the chicken breast was.� My only comment was, “Well, after all, you are in Texas!”� That chicken was done to perfection.� All the food was great.

Please tell your entire staff what a great job they performed yesterday.� It was well noticed by everyone.� Our compliments to the Chef and staff.

Our Texan Tailgate group was certainly well represented yesterday and our cooks have asked me to ask you for a favor.� Is it possible to get the details on how the chicken was prepared and cooked?� They also asked if they could have the receipe for the macaroni.� We promise to keep this information in-house, within our group.� I also want to extend an open invitation to you and your husband to join our group at any home game for a great tailgate party!

Our most warmest regards,

Sandra & Les Smith, Parents of the Bride