Comments and Accolades

Comments & Accolades

Susan Hudspeth Memorial Service – September 9, 2010

Dear Everyone!

I received your dear note thanking us for choosing your venue for my sister’s memorial service on September 9th and I felt I wanted to ‘put in writing’ how perfect your chapel was for us.  My sister passed in Dallas, so we were scrambling, trying to figure out where we should have her service.  En route home to Katy from Dallas, I just decided prayer would lead us to the right spot.  This quote from the Holy Bible came to me: “All things work together for good to them that love God.” and I immediately realized that this is not just a nice Bible phrase,  it is a promise!  As soon as I saw this, within a very few miles I glanced up and was drawn to an Austin-stone column (maybe a mailbox) on the side of the highway, and said out loud to my husband…”Briscoe Manor!!  That’s it! That’s it!!” What a lovely illustration of God with us.

The service was just lovely, and the only bummer is that Susan didn’t gt to see it, but I feel she would be most pleased.  The longhorns grazing near the chapel were my favorite touch!


Nancy Lee Stevens