Comments and Accolades

Comments & Accolades

Swanson Wedding – Event Date: January 17, 2010

Briscoe Manor is the perfect venue for weddings big and small.� Briscoe is situated on beautiful Texas ranchland witha� long driveway surrounded by a herd of cattle, a lake and picturesque fields.� Briscoe was well thought out in the planning stages and flows efficiently from the bride’s room to the chapel and then into the courtyard and reception area.� All guests have a lovely view of the bride and groom whether the bride and groom are at the altar or on the dance floor.

Words seem inadequate to describe the staff and their efficiency and dedication to your wedding day.� We never felt the need for a wedding planner because that is what the staff at Briscoe does so well.� I love their attention to detail and their promptness of responding to a phone call or email.� Our responses were always received during the same day as our initial contact.� Subsequent to our formal meetings, we received a detailed email indicating what information we still needed to provide and the status of everything we discussed (down to every small detail).� All of this worked so well for us as the engagement of our daughter was short and the bride was finishing her degree in another town.� We could all communicate proficiently.

One of my favorite aspects of the Briscoe property is the bride’s dressing room.� I knew this would be a lovely place for pictures and those special moments prior to the wedding…and it was.� The girls had so much fun getting ready in this pretty location.

The wedding day could not have been more perfect or run more smoothly.� Our family could just enjoy the day with our daughter and not think about anything but relishing this special day together.� The Briscoe Manor staff had the timing down perfectly and the entire day flowed without a hitch!� It was so calm and peaceful and we truly were able to enjoy and not worry about anything.

The catering is another big plus for Briscoe Manor.� We went to a private tasting several months prior to the wedding and this day in itself was fun and the food was delicious.� The food for our daughter’s wedding was incredible.� Everyone commented on the food – even the teenage boys told my husband how great the food tasted.� The presentation of the food and serving tables were beautiful as well and every detail of the meal was perfect.

I cannot say enough about how much we all loved having our daughter’s wedding at Briscoe Manor.� It is a beautiful venue, but even more than that, it was all the ladies we worked with that made it so special.� I would not change a thing about our special day at Briscoe Manor.� It was perfect in every way.

Susan Swanson, Mother of the Bride