Comments and Accolades

Comments & Accolades

The Barn at Briscoe Manor 40th Anniversary Party – Saturday, February 16th, 2019

Good evening, Stephanie! � Hope your weekend went well and your other events went as well as ours did! � Everyone had a great time, raved about the venue, the food,the music, the flowers, the casino table setups – just everything!

Your staff was �very welcoming and attentive to every details and to all our guest. � �Our guests were so pleased with The Barn and the outdoor area – very laid back and easy to enjoy.

I really appreciate your recommendations for flowers and cake – flowers were gorgeous and cake was so delicious! � �Everyone really enjoyed the back area including the giant jenga, corn holes and admiring the longhorns and the beautiful evening! � Lighting the outdoor fires just gave it a great relaxing area to visit and mingle. � And the Casino Company did a super job and everyone had a lot of fun with the games – they are very professional and very helpful to everyone who was new to some of the games (great recommendation from Rachel). � We loved Cypress Photo Camper – great recommendation as well! � Everyone had fun acting silly for us and we love the album they provided with strips of all the photos and notes from our family and friends.

We loved the monogram on the wall and others also commented on it. � Scott, did a great job providing the music of our choice. �(We may have been remiss in not providing him a tip – is that something we should do in a note?)

Y�all have a beautiful place and great staff at Briscoe Manor and you can be sure we will recommend it to friends and definitely consider it when we have other opportunities. � Your personal assistance and attention to detail made everything very easy for us. � � Thank you again and hope to see you around!