photos of ellas decor barn at briscoe manor

Ella’s Decor Barn Photos

Ella’s Decor Barn is a space that was built in reaction to noticing how many specialty items our brides seem to be using lately. With the social media world, we live in encompassed by Pinterest, Etsy, and Facebook, brides today are becoming savvier and savvier in making their weddings unique and a special event that they want to make sure everyone remembers. We thought about how we could help our brides with items that are an upfront cost to them, but end up becoming items that are just used that one time with no place in their home. For example, those 15 lanterns that lined the ceremony aisle or the 2 wine barrels topped with a rustic door used for a cake table. Some brides might have a special place for that in their home after the wedding, but for many, that time and effort ends after the event. For us, we want to provide the same things, but at a fraction of the cost. If we can rent a bride a $50 wine barrel and save her from purchasing one for $160, then we have accomplished our goal. Even after events where we see something that we may want to add to our inventory list, we ask to purchase it from the bride so it can be used again for the same purpose.

The photos of the barn were generously provided by Carlino’s Photography.