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Kerps/Russo Wedding – March 4, 2016

Jamie Jamie Jamie,

Not even sure where to start….oh yea…..YOU WERE AMAZZZINNNGGGG!!! J

I am beyond happy that the stars aligned and you were our coordinator. We could not have had a more perfect wedding and all thanks goes to you!


From the start, you have taken care of us and made sure we had everything we needed at all times (including those amazing crab cakes and of course drinks 😉 What a great time the Russo wedding was and everyone keeps telling me how amazing of a time they had. I feel like none of that would have been possible without you. Words cannot express our appreciation for you and all the hard work you put into making our night one we will never forget.


I tried to want you that our families were crazy! I am so incredibly excited to see the video and all the things we didn’t get to see. I am sad that I missed Jorden, but am sure I will see him again one day!


I am sure you hear this all the time but thank you, for not only being an absolutely incredible wedding coordinator, but for becoming a good friend of mine and my families.
We LOVE YOU and thanks again for all that you did for us!

Never the end, and will post more pictures when I get them.

Tyler & Bevin Russo