Comments and Accolades

Comments & Accolades

Wild Well Control Event – Event Date: May 5, 2010

To All –

Our visitors to Briscoe Manor from Kazakhstan were very impressed and thoroughly enjoyed their evening here at Briscoe Manor last night.� Pat�Campbell, Freddy Gebhardt and others from Wild Well Control asked that I pass on to everyone a sincere thank you for having everything so perfect for the evening.� The grounds were immaculate, the longhorn rides/pictures were great, and the armadillo races were something new to them.�

Rachel, Tim, the BTB crew and Jami did an outstanding job throughout the evening.� The place was immaculate – kudos to Luis, Jorden and Encore for their efforts.

Thanks again for everyone’s hard work to make it a memorable evening last night.�

Bill Mahler, Executive VP & General Manager, Wild Well Control, Inc.